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    24407 - Pilates Workshop

    Pilates is a system of exercises designed to work your entire body as well as challenge your concentration. In this workshop we will first find our core. It is there! Once you can access those muscles, your workouts will become more effective, your posture better and your alignment safer. Next you will be taught a series of exercises that incorporate the Pilates principles of concentration, balance, flow, centering, and breath. Pilates is safe for all bodies, regardless of condition. No experience needed, under 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult. Please bring a yoga mat. Mats will be available to use if you do not have one.

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    Read Notice24407-01Pilates Workshop06/18/16- 06/18/16 9:00A- 10:15ASaRecreation Center$1212 years and UpUnavailableItem Details

    114302 - Taekwondo For Tiny Tigers

    Do you want to do something great for your children? Learning the Korean martial art form known as Songahm will help your child develop discipline, confidence, concentration and selfcontrol,
    all qualities that are important to a child’s growth. Basic techniques including punching, kicking forms, and self-defense are taught in this class. Uniforms are required. You can purchase one at ATA. Each session is an 8 week course; 2 classes per week.

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    Read Notice114302-02Taekwondo For Tiny T03/20/18- 04/26/18 4:30P- 5:30PTu, ThATA Center$603 years to under 6 yearsUnavailableItem Details

    114307 - KVPD Tumblers

    Does your child love to tumble? Well, we have the perfect class for you! This class will focus on enhancing and developing the existing skills your child holds, and teach them a routine of movement to thrill the fans. Tumblers will perform for parents on the last day of class.

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    Read Notice114307-01KVPD Tumblers02/22/18- 03/29/18 5:30P- 7:00PThCivic Auditorium$407 years to under 14 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart114307-02KVPD Tumblers04/05/18- 05/10/18 5:30P- 7:00PThCivic Auditorium$407 years to under 14 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart114307-03KVPD Tumblers04/05/18- 05/10/18 5:30P- 7:00PThCivic Auditorium$477 years to under 14 yearsAvailableItem Details

    121800 - Horseback Riding Lessons

    Horseback Riding Lessons
    Students will be introduced to horse basics and safety. They will learn how to approach their horse in its stall, put its halter on, groom, and saddle their horse. In addition, students will learn about basic horse and equipment care. Long pants and shoes with a heal are necessary for safety and comfort. Riding helmets are required and will be provided.

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    Read Notice121800-01Horseback Riding Les03/15/18- 04/12/18 6:00P- 7:00PThSkyview Farm$1067 years and UpUnavailableItem Details

    164300 - Karate for Kids/ Adults

    This class is for children and adults and is sure to strengthen your child’s discipline, confidence, concentration, and self-control. Learning the Korean martial art form is known as Songahm taekwondo is a fun and beneficial opportunity. Basic techniques including punching, kicking forms, and self-defense are taught in this class. Uniforms are required. You can purchase one at ATA. This is a great activity for parents to do with their children.

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    Read Notice164300-03Karate for Kids03/20/18- 04/26/18 5:30P- 6:30PTu, ThATA Center$607 years to under 16 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice164300-04Adult Taekwondo03/21/18- 04/27/18 5:30P- 6:30PW, FATA Center$6016 years and UpUnavailableItem Details

    341211 - Total Fitness

    Get back to the basics of fitness with our new aerobics class. Come join this fun and energetic class with our certified personal and group trainer, Kim Cole. From beginner to advanced, this class will benefit everyone by utilizing typical aerobics floor work, body toning, and cool downs. Make this your summer to shine, by getting healthy in this encouraging and friendly atmosphere.

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    Read Notice341211-01Total Fitness09/06/17- 10/04/17 5:30P- 6:30PM, WCivic Auditorium$018 years and UpUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice341211-02Total Fitness10/09/17- 11/01/17 5:15P- 6:15PM, WCivic Auditorium$018 years and UpUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice341211-03Total Fitness11/29/17- 12/20/17 5:15P- 6:15PWCivic Auditorium$018 years and UpUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice341211-04Total Fitness01/03/18- 01/29/18 5:15P- 6:15PM, WCivic Auditorium$3018 years and UpUnavailableItem Details
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