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    325029 - Infinite Edges and Turns

    The focus of this class is on proper edges which are the foundation for all skating skills, including jumps and spins. Skaters will also learn how to properly use their edges to gain power, speed and control as well as learn the basic and advanced turns in figure skating and how to incorporate them in to your skating. Low is for skaters in Basic 6-Freeskate 3 and High is for skaters in Freeskate 4 and up.

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    Add to Cart325029-04IET High11/07/19- 12/19/19VariesVariesVaries$476 years to under 18 yearsAvailableItem Details

    325030 - Beyond the Basics-Jumps & Spin

    This hybrid class combines jumping and spinning in figure skating and give skaters the opportunity to focus on the more advanced techniques in a group setting. Skaters will concentrate on single jumps as well as basic and more advanced spins and their positions. This class is appropriate for skaters in Freeskate 1 - 6.

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    Read Notice325030-01BTB- Jumps and Spins09/10/19- 10/22/19 5:45P- 6:15PTuIce Valley$556 years to under 18 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart325030-02BTB- Jumps and Spins10/29/19- 12/17/19 5:45P- 6:15PTuIce Valley$556 years to under 18 yearsAvailableItem Details

    325101 - The Hockey Academy 1, 2, 3

    Does your child want to play the sport of Hockey, but you are not sure if they are fully ready? Come join the Hockey Academy which will meet twice a week and will cover skating technique, puck handling, skills and game situations so that your son or daughter will be ready for the big game at the end of the session! Full equipment is required for this class. Hockey bag rentals are available for $25 if needed.

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    Read Notice325101-01The Hockey Academy09/09/19- 10/26/19VariesVariesVaries$1305 years to under 10 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart325101-02The Hockey Academy10/28/19- 12/21/19VariesVariesVaries$1395 years to under 15 yearsAvailableItem Details

    325102 - Practice and Play

    Practice and Play features a one hour skill session on Monday followed by a one hour game session on Friday. This class is geared for the more advanced player and will focus on skills such as advanced skating techniques, puck handling, and team play concepts. Must complete two sessions of The Hockey Academy or have recommendation from an instructor before you can enroll in this class. Full equipment is required for this class. Hockey Bag rentals are available for $25 if needed.

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    Read Notice325102-01Practice and Play09/09/19- 10/25/19VariesVariesVaries$1305 years to under 10 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice325102-02Practice and Play09/09/19- 10/25/19VariesVariesVaries$13010 years to under 15 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart325102-03Practice and Play10/28/19- 12/20/19VariesVariesVaries$1395 years to under 10 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart325102-04Practice and Play10/28/19- 12/20/19VariesVariesVaries$13910 years to under 15 yearsAvailableItem Details

    325103 - Knock the Rust Off Hockey Camp

    Ready to get back into hockey after a long summer off? Our Knock the Rust Off camp offers 6 sessions of dry-land and on-ice training to get you back in the groove. Players will focus on conditioning, fundamental skills, team concepts, small area games and more! This 3 week camp will include 40 minutes of dry-land training followed by 90 minutes on the ice. Come out and knock the rust off to get ready for the season ahead!

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    Read Notice325103-01Knock the Rust Off H08/26/19- 08/30/19 5:00P- 7:30PM, W, FIce Valley$605 years to under 15 yearsFullItem Details
    Read Notice325103-02Knock Rust Off Goali08/26/19- 08/30/19 5:00P- 7:30PM, W, FIce Valley$305 years to under 15 yearsUnavailableItem Details

    340841 - Relaxation Yoga

    This class allows you to unwind your mind and relax your body as we incorporate one of yoga's biggest benefits- Stress Relief! Experience a variety of techniques including guided breath work, meditations, restorative poses and Yoga Nidra during this one hour class. Incorporate this into your week, and begin to notice the subtle shifts that show up. Location: Barefoot Yoga Loft 200 N. Washington Ave, Bradley, Illinois 60915. NO CLASSES OCTOBER 31ST

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    Read Notice340841-01Relaxation Yoga09/26/19- 11/21/19 7:00P- 8:00PThOutside KVPD$7012 years and UpUnavailableItem Details

    341305 - Latin Dance Class

    Come join JoLynne Keiser, a certified Latin Dance instructor for a fun filled evening of Latin dance! JoLynne will teach you the lively and popular dances of the Tropics. These dance sessions will help students gain the experience in Latin dance technique which will help increase confidence in dance skills or enhance skills that are already acquired. A partner is not necessary to take this class, but they are welcome. Dress comfortably, please wear shoes that have a sole (no tennis shoes) and be ready to dance!

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    Read Notice341305-01Latin Dance Class09/17/19- 11/05/19 6:30P- 7:30PTuCivic Auditorium$6518 years and UpUnavailableItem Details

    342006 - Brewery Tour

    Visit Kankakee County's very own breweries on this day excursion. Let us be your designated driver while you tour local breweries and sample there craft beer. Visiting Brickstone Brewery and Steam Hollow. Please bring your id.

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    Add to Cart342006-01Brewery Tour11/23/19- 11/23/1910:00A- 3:30PSaBird Park$4021 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    344103 - Fall Softball League

    Teams will play double-header games one night per week and conclude the season with a double elimination tournament. Players are only allowed to play in one division per night. Rain out will be made up on regular game nights unless there are excessive amounts of cancellation. Rosters must be compleated and turned in proir to first game.

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    Read Notice344103-03Fall Men's08/21/19- 10/16/19 6:00P- 10:00PWCentrue Bank Spts Co$63016 years and UpUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice344103-04Fall Coed08/22/19- 10/17/19 6:00P- 10:00PThCentrue Bank Spts Co$63016 years and UpUnavailableItem Details

    344105 - Adult Volleyball

    Grab your friends, form a team, and join the fun! Coed 6-on-6 games will be played at the KVPD’s Rec Center. Teams play once a week, and conclude the league with a single elimination tournament.
    Teams must have at least 2 males or 2 females. You can have 3 guys-3 girls, 4 guys-2 girls, or 4 girls, 2 guys.
    A rally point scoring system will be used.

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    Add to Cart344105-01Adult Competitive Vo11/06/19- 12/11/19 6:00P- 10:00PWRecreation Center$21016 years and UpAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart344105-02Adult Recreational V11/07/19- 12/19/19 6:00P- 10:00PThRecreation Center$21016 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    345000 - Adult LTS 1-6

    This program introduces the beginner adult skater to the basics of skating. As skaters advance, new and exciting skills such as jumps, spins, footwork and artistic elements will be introduced. This class also promotes physical fitness and improves balance and coordination while learning proper skating techniques. Divided into six levels, adult skaters will progress at an individual rate while being challenged and motivated. Skaters enrolled in this class are required to register for a Learn to Skate USA membership. Please visit to register. Your confirmation email must be emailed to the Director of Figure Skating at before your first day of class.

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    Read Notice345000-01Adult Learn to Skate09/14/19- 10/26/1910:00A- 10:45ASaIce Valley$9013 years and UpUnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart345000-02Adult Learn to Skate11/02/19- 12/21/19VariesVariesVaries$9013 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    361501 - Holiday Market Vendor

    Become a vendor at our 1st annual Holiday Market Craft Show Sat Nov. 30th 10am-3pm . You will receive a 10 X 10 Booth for $30 and electicity for $5 additional dollars (Limited Spaces). Set up will begin at 8am for vendors. Any questions contact or 815-939-1311 for Vendor Agreement Form.

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    Add to Cart361501-01Market Vendor Booth11/30/19- 11/30/1910:00A- 3:00PSaRecreation Center$30Birth and UpAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart361501-02Market Vendor w Elec11/30/19- 11/30/1910:00A- 3:00PSaRecreation Center$35Birth and UpAvailableItem Details

    365101 - Daddy and Me

    This program is designed to introduce children ages 3-8 with little or no skating experience to the fun and exciting game of hockey with their parents in a group setting. Parents and children will be able to enjoy bonding time while learning the necessary basic skills needed to play the game of hockey. This class will include 45 minutes of skill development and small area games used to make learning the game of hockey fun for all involved. The required equipment for this class would be skates, stick, and helmet (your own or our rentals).

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    Read Notice365101-01Daddy and Me09/14/19- 10/26/19 9:00A- 9:45ASaIce Valley$1303 years to under 9 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart365101-02Daddy and Me11/02/19- 12/21/19VariesVariesVaries$1303 years to under 9 yearsAvailableItem Details

    369852 - Halloween Dodgeball Tournament

    Halloween Dodgeball, grab your team and come out in your Halloween Costume and play dodgeball. Tournment teams will need a minimum of 6 players maximum of 8. Everyone recveives a shirt and atleast 2 games of play. 1st and 2nd place awards for each division. Best dressed award in each division.

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    Read Notice369852-01Dodgeball 3rd-4th Te10/26/19- 10/26/1910:00A- 11:30ASaRecreation Center$60Birth to BirthUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice369852-02Dodgeball 5th-6th Te10/26/19- 10/26/1912:00P- 1:30PSaRecreation Center$60Birth to BirthUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice369852-03Dodgeball 7th-8th Te10/26/19- 10/26/19 2:00P- 3:30PSaRecreation Center$60Birth to BirthUnavailableItem Details
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